Growth through Research, development & demonstration in Offshore Wind

GROW Programme

High quality RD&D projects with high impact

The Netherlands, the leader in the international offshore wind market

As a long-term and dedicated Research, Development & Demonstration (RD&D) partnership, GROWs strength lies in its ability to run focused, sequential and complementary RD&D activities. It concentrates on those activities that are most valuable in supporting the consortium partners in reaching the consortium's objectives. Furthermore, it exploits the synergies between projects and helps partners to commercialise innovations faster and more efficiently. As a result, GROW accelerates innovation in offshore wind.

Key innovation themes

The following key innovation themes are high on the agenda of industry partners and are expected to sustain a solid innovation portfolio for the coming years.

I. Maximum value creation of the wind resource

II. Bottom-fixed foundations for WTGs in new, challenging conditions
III. Floating wind energy
IV. Circularity and Symbiosis Inclusive Design

In addition, GROW wants to introduce or intensify a cooperation framework for access to data needed for innovation; and to explore the options to develop on- and/ or offshore demonstration and test site(s).

These key innovation themes aim to speed up innovations and provide a focus on cooperation. Furthermore, GROW wants to formulate a sectoral research agenda for the short- and longer-term and align RD&D supply and demand. The result: a programmatic approach, including the involvement of government and stakeholders and the incorporation of expertise on the business practice from within the partners.

GROW is the only RD&D consortium in the Netherlands (and probably worldwide) that can manage such a coherent and focused RD&D Programme along the entire value chain in offshore wind. Furthermore, GROW will coordinate its activities with other international offshore wind RD&D programmes.

Source: Van Oord
Source: Van Oord


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