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Shaken AND Stirred

One ring to install monopiles faster, cheaper, and more silently.

You’d expect the fabrication of equipment for installing large monopiles for offshore wind turbines to occur in or near a harbour close to the North Sea. But, instead, Hein van Opstal, Charlotte van Verseveld and Rob Sprij, all working at GBM Works, can be found at the firm Kersten in Wanssum, Limburg, next to the Maas River. And not just on any day: they are here to see their jet-ring design become a reality today. First, a jet ring is welded into a monopile section, which will later be part of a 13,4-meter-long monopile. And two of these monopiles will be extensively tested in an onshore test as part of the SIMOX project.

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            Shaken AND Stirred