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RVO Approves Subsidy for SIMPLE III: The Vibrojet® is Going Offshore!

GROW is proud to announce, together with its partners, that the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) has approved €5.558.934 in subsidy for SIMPLE III.

The support provided by RVO and the project partners for SIMPLE III (total budget of €10.788.839) will be used to execute large-scale offshore tests with the Vibrojet® technology. The data generated during the project, including drivability and noise measurements, will take GBM’s silent installation method to Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 7 and will provide the outstanding information to complete the Technology Qualification process of the technology. SIMPLE III represents the final research project for Vibrojet® technology before it can be applied on a commercial scale.

Project Partners

The SIMPLE III project is only possible with a strong group of partners, which includes Atlantic Shores, CAPE Holland, Deltares, DEME, Ecowende, Eneco, GBM Works, Shell, TNO, Van Oord and Vattenfall.

Ecowende, Shell and Eneco will support the project with funds and with the selection of the test location. Van Oord will provide the installation vessel. Atlantic Shores, Vattenfall and DEME will provide funds and offshore expertise. CAPE Holland will supply the Vibro-hammer for the tests. TNO will lead the noise scope. Deltares will lead the laboratory experimental campaign and support the geotechnical research and offshore activities. GBM Works will coordinate the project and provide the Vibrojet® technology and hardware.

The evolution of the number of project partners in the Silent Installation of Monopiles (SIMPLE) series of projects confirms the industry’s interest in the development the Vibrojet® technology. Quality is even more important than quantity: all the project partners contribute to the further development of the Vibrojet technique in SIMPLE III in their own way. By providing their knowledge, funds, equipment or advice, the project group contains key players in different positions in the industry. The result is the technology being developed considering different angles, which ultimately increases the added value of the Vibrojet® solution.

SIMPLE III is essential for the industry as it represents the final step of the development of a sustainable technology before it is commercially available for offshore use.

            RVO Approves Subsidy for SIMPLE III: The Vibrojet® is Going Offshore!