Growth through Research, development & demonstration in Offshore Wind

New project to assess co-use options in offshore wind farms (Road2SID)

The North Sea is one of the most used seas worldwide and home to various functions such as nature, energy, shipping, recreation, and fishing. In the coming decades, we expect an enormous growth of offshore wind farms. Therefore, we will be facing challenges to achieving efficient use of space in the North Sea.

That is why GROW has started the project Roadmap for technological advancements for Symbiosis-Inclusive Design in Offshore Wind (Road2SID). In this project, we will explore the possibilities for technological progress to achieve better symbiosis and well-integrated designs for offshore wind farms. In consultation with stakeholders, we will assess the integration potential of various functions, such as active nature-inclusive design, aquaculture, and floating solar energy, while considering spatial requirements, technological readiness and potential risks and opportunities. In parallel, we will assess in cooperation with regulatory bodies how existing requirements in offshore wind energy can influence symbiosis. We will use the findings to develop a roadmap towards future symbiosis included in the design of offshore wind developments.

In the Road2SID-project, both industry and research partners will make significant contributions based on their point of view and unique expertise. The partners of this consortium are: Boskalis, Deltares, MARIN, RWE, Seaway7, Shell, TenneT, TNO and Van Oord.

            New project to assess co-use options in offshore wind farms (Road2SID)