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Install, Load, Repeat

Meet the team who loves spinning around monopiles and listen to the seventh edition of GROW-to-GO with Federico Pisanò (Delft University of Technology) and Maria Konstantinou (Deltares).

The monopile foundations of wind turbines are subject to repeated (cyclic) loading by wind and waves. These forces are transferred from the foundation to the supporting soil, in a way that may affect the stability of the whole system. As the longer-term impact of cyclic loads is not yet fully understood, monopiles still tend to be designed on the safe side. If we have more insight into this behaviour, we can improve the design of monopiles to obtain lower fabrication costs. Federico Pisanò and Maria Konstantinou explain how the Monopile Improved Design through Advanced cyclic Soil modelling project (MIDAS) is helping to achieve that.

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            Install, Load, Repeat