Growth through Research, development & demonstration in Offshore Wind

Innovation doesn’t stop with subsidy-free tenders

In the coming years, offshore wind energy in the Netherlands will get a big boost. By 2030, the total installed offshore wind capacity is planned to be 11.5 GW. Where a few years ago, offshore wind was seen by the general public as the most expensive climate solution, it has now become one that needs almost no financial support from the Government.

22 March 2019

Technological and non-technological innovation have contributed significantly in bringing the cost of offshore wind energy down. With offshore wind being more competitive, do we still need to invest in innovations in this area? The answer is YES!

Wind Energy Magazine spoke to David de Jager, director of GROW, a consortium of about 20 players in the Dutch offshore wind energy industry that work towards bringing down the cost of offshore wind and increasing the role in the energy system by exchanging knowledge and intensive cooperation.

You can find the complete interview with David de Jager here.

            David de Jager
David de Jager