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GROW side-event at the WindDays - Foundation Innovation: Presentations are available now

Did you visit our side event on foundation innovation at the WindDays and do you want to have an other look at the presentations? Or were you not in the possibility to attend and want to know more about foundation innovation?

During this side-event, GROW presented several new developments in the field of offshore foundations. The first (intermediate) results of three GROW projects were presented; Gentle Driving of Piles, Maxim Segeren (TU Delft), a presentation on an installation method based on simultaneous application of low-frequency and high-frequency vibrators. Slip Joint Offshore Research (SJOR) project, Reinder Jorritsma (DOT) and Sander Suur (Van Oord), will inform you about the application of a new type of connection between the offshore wind turbine and the monopile. Hydraulic Pile Extraction – Scale Tests (HyPE-ST), Ahmed Elkadi (Deltares / TU Delft), about the testing of the removal of piles from the soil at the end of their operational life.

Find the presentations here

            GROW side event during the WindDays
GROW side event during the WindDays