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GROW project in the spotlight: Sensor Assisted Wind farm Optimisation

A smart way to measure the wind field and produce more energy

Onshore and offshore wind turbines must operate at their best capacity to maximise the energy they generate. Currently, the methods used to optimise performance in wind farms focus mainly on the performance of individual turbines. Fortunately, new low-cost wind measurement technologies have been developed that can help improve the performance of multiple wind turbines in large wind farms.

Sensor-assisted wind farm optimisation (SAWOP) will enable better monitoring of the incoming wind flow using spinner anemometers and nacelle LiDAR systems. Based on the analysis of sensor data, strategies can be developed to improve the energy yield of the whole wind farm.

Partners in SAWOP are Nabla wind hub, Shell, TNO and Vattenfall.

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            exchange of nacelle lidars
exchange of nacelle lidars