Growth through Research, development & demonstration in Offshore Wind

About GROW

Expansion through innovation

Over 100 million euro RD&D program

GROW (Growth through Research, development & demonstration in Offshore Wind) is a consortium of around 20 leading and committed partners that have agreed on knowledge exchange and intense cooperation throughout the program. They work to reduce the costs of offshore wind and to increase the value in the energy system and in the ecosystem. Research institutes and companies active across the entire offshore wind value chain will bring their innovations to the market.

Three objectives

GROW strives to expand the role of offshore wind in the energy system and therefore has the following objectives:

GROW program office

The GROW consortium is supported by a program office. The office initiates, coordinates and provides reporting for the RD&D projects of the partners. The office is run by:

Director​: David de Jager

Program Managers: Chris Hendriks en Mirjam Roorda – Knape

Office Manager: Liesbeth Batelaan

Communication Manager​: Anouk Stortenbeker

Controller​: Maarten Vrolijks

Schematic overview of all GROW Partners
GROW partners