GROW: twenty for seven

GROW, "Growth through Research, development & demonstration in Offshore Wind" – a consortium of around 20 leading players to reduce the costs of offshore wind to a competitive level in the near future. In the next 5 years, research institutes and companies active across the entire offshore wind value chain will cooperate in GROW and bring innovations to the market. 16 organizations have already joined.


The GROW consortium will work to achieve two objectives:

  • The first is to expand the role of offshore wind in the energy system overall. The goal is to reach a competitive cost level in the near future and to create added value in the energy system. Offshore wind will further enhance its symbiosis with other sectors at sea (oil & gas, fishery, shipping and tourism) and become more environmentally friendly for sea flora and fauna.
  • The second is to strengthen the Dutch offshore wind sector.

Illustration of the GROW offshore wind plan

Program lines

As a long-term and dedicated Research, Development & Demonstration (RD&D) partnership, GROW's strength will lie in its ability to run focused, sequential and complementary RD&D activities. It can thus concentrate on those activities that are most valuable in supporting the consortium partners in reaching the consortium's objectives. It can also exploit synergies between projects and commercialize innovations faster and more efficiently. In so doing, GROW will accelerate innovation in offshore wind.

Eleven RD&D program lines will pursue the objectives of LCOE reduction, added value creation, and a stronger Dutch offshore wind sector. These program lines will cover the full value chain. Research will take place across the majority of technology readiness levels (TRL), from academic research in TRL 2 to testing and demonstration of large systems in TRL 8.

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GROW will ensure that innovations steadily advance towards commercialization.

Wind energy innovations steadily advance towards commercialization

The Netherlands is ready to step up its leadership in the international offshore wind market

Offshore wind will be indispensable in the energy transition in the Netherlands and worldwide. In the short run, offshore wind will help realize CO2 emissions targets. In the long run, it will become an essential part of the energy system. But to do this, offshore wind must become cost-competitive, integrated into the energy system without the need for subsidies.

The Dutch offshore wind sector is ideally positioned to overcome the challenges of the offshore wind roll-out, and can deliver new technologies on a large scale.

  • The Netherlands has a strong base in wind technology and offshore wind R&D.
  • The offshore industry is characterized by close cooperation across the value chain.
  • The Dutch North Sea provides a perfect home market close to load centers in northwestern Europe.
  • Dutch ports are ideally located to serve offshore projects.

GROW's RD&D program will build on this position to further strengthen Dutch leadership in offshore wind.


The founders of GROW are leading Dutch companies and research institutes in the offshore wind sector in the Netherlands. They cover the full value chain in offshore wind. The consortium will be expanded in due course with other partners that are willing to commit to the GROW program and approach, both strategically and financially.

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Radio item, June 15, 2016

GROW on Business News Radio

BNR Logo Listen to a short interview on BNR with GROW representative Maarten De Vries (Dutch).

Press release Utrecht, June 14, 2016

GROW consortium aims for cost of offshore wind at 7 eurocent per kWh by 2030

Download the press release in English (PDF)

GROW consortium richt zich op offshore wind kosten van 7 eurocent per kWh in 2030

Download the press release in Dutch (PDF)


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